Halloween Beers

The weather has turned and seasonal beers are upon us. Here are the beers you need for any Halloween/Bonfire Night fun you have planned!

Pumpkin Beers

1. Beavertown Stingy Jack, 7.2%

This is the first year Beavertown has canned their pumpkin ale. There's a ton of spices in here and I'm pretty sure some maple syrup. This shows the UK can brew pumpkin beers as good as the US. If you wan to know the story behind the name Stingy Jack click here (might require some scrolling)

2. Brooklyn Post Road, 5%

The oldest beer on the list by a mile, this recipe is actually a descendant of 17th century US beers brewed with pumpkins. Post Road Brewing Co in Massachusetts used this recipe until they closed down, and now Brooklyn make the stuff, which is one of very few to still use the vegetable in the beer. It's a simple and straightforward version of the style and one that you can sink a few of.

3. Flying Dog The Fear, 9%

This beer is very drinkable, and one you should fear due to it's strength. Calling itself an Imperial Pumpkin Ale, the dark style and alcohol hit are well suited to the spices they use. A great warmer on a cold night.

4. BrewDog Pumpkin King 5.4%

The most easy drinking of our pumpkin beers this year. It pours a hue that even a pumpkin would be jealous of, you get lots of spice on the nose, but the flavours soon mellow, making this better for the pumpkin-skeptics among you.


Dark Beers

5. Left Hand Wake The Dead 11%

As a massive fan of the Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro, I was excited to try this beer. The bubbles put on a real show if you pour it right, and the flavours are as rich as you could want. 

6. Wild Weather Horrible Night To Have A Curse 4.9%

This stout was inspired by toffee apples and you can really taste it! The warmth of the treacle is well balanced and it tastes like a far stronger beer than it is, which is good if you have a long night ahead.

7. Stone Chai-Spiced Imperial Stout

If you're looking for a more laid back Halloween, the dark beer is the embodiment of hygge. Light some candles, wrap up in a blanket and enjoy the spices in the sweet stout.


Something a bit different

8. Hammerton Geist Weiss

A White IPA may sound more suited to warmer weather, but this is more of a dry hopped wheat beer with some refreshing citrus notes which work well with the wheat backbone of the beer.


Alternatively, you might like to take a 12-pack of Founders All Day IPA or Brooklyn Lager and make yourself very popular...