12th December - Brooklyn K is for Kriek

Brooklyn K is for Kriek
750ml, 10.1%
Cherry Abbey Ale


"Kriek" is Flemish for cherry and this is very much a cherry beer. Cherry beers are no new thing - they've been around for centuries in Belgium, where cherries and raspberries were chucked into beers rather than left to spoil. The fruits bring their own characteristics and a whole load more sugar to ferment.

This particulr cherry beer actually started life destined to be Brooklyn's Local 2, a great Dark Abbey-style beer, brewed with New York wildflower honey and orange peel. What they've done is, before it went into bottle for re-fermentation, they've bunged in a load of Montmorency cherries from Michigan and put this beer in barrels of charred bourbon oak. After six months of sitting in barrels, they've bottle it with Champagne yeast and Brett - yup, that is a THIRD fermentation - and left it for a year.

Now, we have a dark red, slightly tart, earthy, oaky, cherry-y beer. It's great to drink on it's own, which is my personal favourite, or with duck, goats cheese, or dessert. Or you can cellar it for a few years and put even more depth in those flavours.