1st December - Stone W00tstout

Every day of December we are highlighting one of our larger bottles, the sharers, the bombers, the big ones! Great beers to share with friends or to give/receive as a gift! The beer will also be 10% off on the day!

Stone W00tstout
650ml. 13%
Imperial Stout brewed with Cocoa, Pecans, Wheat & Rye.

Stone W00tstout

An Imperial Stout with tonnes of nut, cocoa, coffee and a hint of bourbon.

This beer is a collaboration between Drew Curtis, Wil Wheaton and Greg Koch. It's the third year they have brewed this year and a quarter of it is last years edition aged in bourbon barrels has been blended into the 2015 version. The artwork on the bottle is by Dave Johnson, the comic book artist of 100 Bullets and Superman: Red Son.

Read more about the beer on the brewery's website here. They even recommend what cigars to smoke whilst drinking it.

£14 in the shop, 10% off so £12.60 today.