Pre-built Sixpacks


We're very keen on our Pick 'n' Sixpacks, where you get to choose six different beers to take home, but by this point in the week, you might not have the energy to peruse 150 beers. So if you're feeling too tired to make choices, or just want to try something you wouldn't usually pick, we have pre-built sixpacks.

London Lager
- Fourpure Pils (Bermondsey)
- Brick Archway Steam (Peckham Rye)
- Camden Pils (Camden!)
- Meantime Lager (Greenwich)
- Orbit Nico Köln Style Lager (Kennington)
- Hammerton Islington Steam Lager (Caledonian Road)

Colorado Mix
Whilst Colorado's claim to be the birthplace of craft beer can be hotly disputed, there's no denying the quality of breweries in the state. Here are three beers from some of our favourites.
- Odell 90 Shilling Ale
- Oskar Blues Mama's Yella Pils
- Left Hand Polestar

Everybody loves an IPA, so we've picked some of our favourites from the UK and the US
- Flying Dog  Easy IPA (Maryland)
- Tiny Rebel Urban IPA (Newport)
- Smuttynose Bouncy House (New Hampshire)
- Barney's Volcano IPA (Edinburgh)
- Runaway IPA (Manchester)
- Brew By Numbers Session IPA - Chinook and Centennial (Bermondsey)

Can Selection
We love cans, as they keep beer fresher for longer AND cool down in the fridge quickly!
- Camden Pale Ale (London)
- Weird Beard Faceless Spreadsheet Ninja (London)
- Fourpure Session IPA (London)
- Brooklyn Lager (New York)
- Sly Fox Phoenix Pale Ale (Pennsylvania)
- Oskar Blues Mama's Little Yella Pils (Colorado)

Let us know if there's any other pre-built sixpacks you'd like to see!