Avengers Assemble for a beer

The Avengers: Age of Ultron comes out today, Steph and I went to see it at midnight because we're cool like that. No spoilers below, but it made me wonder, what beer would I try and sell each Avenger?

Captain America
A simple one to start with, Brooklyn Lager is the obvious choice for the Brooklyn born Steve Rogers. I would sell him it in a can so he can enjoy this amber coloured beer in all its glory no matter where he has to travel to for a mission.

The Hulk
Bruce needs to let off some steam when he has a beer and Brick's Archway Steam is a great beer for that. It's got a herbal aroma which is partnered with a nice clean finish which wouldn't make anyone angry.

Black Widow
For Natasha I recommend Arbor's smokescreen, the smoky chocolate and coffee note of this beer makes it a delicious choice. The Russian assassin may put up smokescreens herself but she won't have experienced one like this!

Clint is great with a bow and I reckon he likes his drinks to be as sharp as his arrows which is why I would recommend Westbrook's Gose. The salty sourness of this beer would definitely straighten his bow.

For Thor I can think of nothing better than Mikkeller's American Dream. Reflecting his Norse roots with a Danish brewer but heavily influenced by modern America. Aside from the name I think the God would really enjoy this great lager and could hammer a few bottles away easily. 

Iron Man
Due to Tony Stark's past issues with the substance it's probably best to give him a Brew Dog Nanny State, which I think tastes fantastic for an alcoholic free beer. It has a great malty backbone but is still a very hoppy beer.

 Avengers Assemble! for a beer

Avengers Assemble! for a beer

Do you think these beers suit the heroes? Feel free to come into the shop and argue with me.

The Avengers bottle photo was made by Chris Sutcliffe, read his webcomic Bright Goose here