BYOB: Bintang, Camden

    Not the best picture ever taken...


Not the best picture ever taken...

We’ve been meaning to visit this restaurant for years. They’re a BYOB place just a five minute walk down from the shop, so we finally got round to it and brought a sixpack to go with.

The atmosphere of this place is incredible. Its a ramshackle mix of brickwork, wall art and fairy lights. At first it seems tiny, with only ten or so table, but there is more space downstairs and even a garden. The most noticeable thing is that every table was having fun, we went on a Thursday night and got one of the last free tables.

We’ll focus more on the beer  than the food here, but it is worth mentioning how good the dishes were. Steph’s Salmon Sashimi was generous and tasted very fresh and the Prawn Laksa delicious. Phill’s Chicken and Coriander Dumplings were very generous with the coriander, and Pork Katsu Curry had a great crispyness to the pork and a well bodied sauce along with Garlic rice that at times seemed more garlic than rice. A good thing in Phill’s opinion. Steph’s Mum had the Chicken Pad Thai, which was well balanced and full of chicken.

Beer one: Weird Beard Faceless Spreadsheet Ninja

This pilsner has some citrusy flavours but you also get pine and grass, it worked well as a palate cleanser as we ordered our food.

Beer Two: By The Horns Samba King

This rye blonde ale is conditioned with Brazilian Lime and Lemongrass, the rye matches off against the fruitiness of the flavour. It is lightly sweet but with a slight tartness as well.

Beer Three: Rogue Morimoto Wheat

This Buckwheat beer was the perfect accompaniment to our starters, the Dumplings and Sashimi. The mild hop presence does lead to a certain bread after taste, this was also very smooth on the pallet so pairs well with slightly greasy food.

Beer Four: Partizan Lemon and Thyme Saison

This worked better with Steph’s Prawn Laksa Soup than Phill’s Pork Katsu Curry. The thyme is definitely present but doesn’t taste overly pronounced in the beer and the lemon cut through the sweeter elements of the meal.

Beer Five: Buxton Axe Edge

This is a hoppy IPA with lots of tropical fruit flavours, this is a well balanced beer matching the warming alcohol and bitterness with the grapefruit tones. This is a beer we could keep on drinking all night if needed.

Beer Six: Wild Beer Co. Sourdough

We were so busy eating, we didn’t get round to drinking this with the meal. However, we did had it afterwards. This sour beer does indeed smell like bread, unsurprising when brewed with yeast that had been used for 58 years at a bakery local to Wild Brew. It also has a fruity sourness to it which would match it well to a variety of foods even if we didn’t!

Bintang charges £1 corkage for each 330ml bottle and £3 for each 750ml bottle (including wine). It can be found at 96 Kentish Town Road, NW1 8NY.