Summer Brew Fest 2015

Summer Brew Fest is running this weekend at Ubrew in Bermondsey. Some great breweries are repping there as well with the likes of Camden, Hammerton, Orbit and Fourpure plus many more. Phill went during the day on Friday and Steph will be going to the session tomorrow. Here are few of Phill's highlights. 

One Mile End
We only just started stocking One Mile End but I'm constantly impressed with their beers. The Citrus Crush Saison was a great beer to start on - the citrus bitterness worked really well. The Snakes Alive DIPA was also great and hopefully available next month in shop in big 750ml bottles!

Gipsy Hill
We've only just stocked these guys due to your demand and I'm glad we do! The Southpaw Amber is nicely balanced and doesn't come off as too sweet for an amber beer. The Yuzu ale is rather special, single hopped with Sorachi Ace and with Yuzu fruit added late in the boil it's hard to tell where the hop begins and the Yuzu ends. A great mix of citrus and herbal flavours.

Mondo are only a few weeks old but are making waves on the UK craft beer scene. I tried a few of their range and their American IPA Kemosabe was particularly good.  We will hopefully start stocking them in the shop in the next few weeks.

Ubrew is a fun space for an event like this and the street food options are also great, it was hard to choose between a  Peel & Chimney Pizza or an Oh My Dog Hot Dog to go with my Hammerton N7.

Tickets are still available for the Saturday evening session and the Sunday day session here. You get a souvenir and 12 beer tokens that equate to four pints of beer with you ticket. Plus you can always ask for some tasters when deciding what to drink.


Apologies for lack of photos in this post, I forget to take any. Also I'm not willing to write 1000 words to replace the lack of photo, so sorry for that too.