New Beers 16th December

Four new beers from Burning Sky this week. Their latest season saison is L'Hiver, which is brewed with Hawthorn berries and leaves. We also have three new 750ml bottles: a 2016 edition of their Cuvee, a Reserve of Saison Provision, and finally their first ever Imperial Stout.

Buxton have rebrewed Wyoming Sheep Ranch, this is an 9% big, bold, double IPA. It’s fresh, piney, big-bodied and with a US bitterness that’ll slap you in the chops

New kids on the block Verdant keep doing amazing stuff with their DIPA Pulp and North East IPA Even Sharks Need Water. Can't wait to see more of their beers in 2017!

And from San Diego we have bombers of Modern Times's Fortunate Island with Grapefruit. 

Mikkeller have done another range of Single Hop IPAs, this time canned! We have a Session, Standard and Imperial IPA brewed with either Citra or Mosaic. These are both delicious and also a great introduction to the type of hops and the corresponding strengths of the beers.

We've got two collabs from Elusive: with Wild Weather they have brewed Herman Toothrot, a Rum & Raisin American Strong Ale. And with Affinity (a new brewery in Tottenham) they have brewed Brimful of Masha.

The List

Burning Sky Cuveé 2016
Burning Sky Imperial Stout
Burning Sky Saison L'Hiver
Burning Sky Saison Provision Reserve
Buxton Wyoming Sheep Ranch
Elusive & Affinity Brimful of Masha
Elusive & Wild Weather Herman Toothrot
Hawkshead & Cigar City Tiramisu
Kernel Export Stout Raspberry
Marble Beers Earl Grey IPA Cans
Mikkeller Single Hop Citra Session IPA
Mikkeller Single Hop Citra IPA
Mikkeller Single Hop Citra Imperial IPA
Mikkeller Single Hop Mosaic Session IPA
Mikkeller Single Hop Mosaic IPA
Mikkeller Single Hop Mosaic Imperial IPA
Modern Times Fortunate Islands with Grapefruit Zest
Mondo Dennis Hopp'r IPA
Verdant Even Sharks Need Water
Verdant Pulp