March 24th - Latest New Beers

We've got plenty of new exciting beers in recently, heres a quick list of them!

We have the Spring-Summer Range from Cloudwater including the IPA Citra, Lager Epic, Lager Eureka, and the Juniper Table Beer. We also have the latest release of the Bergamot Hopfenweisse that you may remember from last year.

Magic Rock have doubled their regular can range and we now stock, Dark Arts, a surreal stout, High Wire, their west coast style pale ale and Rapture, a red ale. 

Beavertown specials now include the blood orange IPA Bloody 'Ell and the DIPA Skull King.

Burning Sky we have the very special Cuvee Reserve in 750ml bottles, along with Saison a la Provision available in 330mls.

We also have two new beers in from Tiny Rebel, a NZ Saison called Lupulin Fiasco and Full Nelson. 

New Beer List

Andechs Hefe Weisse Hell
Beavertown Bloody 'Ell
Beavertown Skull King
Burning Sky Cuvee Reserve
Burning Sky Saison a la Provision
Cloudwater IPA Citra
Cloudwater Lager Epic
Cloudwater Lager Eureka
Cloudwater Juniper Table Beer
Cloudwater Bergamot Hopfenweisse
Kernel Amber Ale
Lervig Hoppy Joe
Magic Rock Dark Arts
Magic Rock High Wire
Magic Rock Rapture
Mikkeller Drink 'in the Sun
Moor Union Hop
Tiny Rebel Half Nelson
Tiny Rebel Lupulin Fiasco
Tuatara Solstice