New Beers this September

Loads of new beers in, read about them below.

Beavertown Tempus Project

We were lucky enough to go to the beer dinner at the brewery for the launch of their pair of collaborations with Oskar Blues - Phobos and Deimos. Both weizendoppelbocks, the former is Madeira barrel aged and the latter is aged in Sherry barrels. We loved them so are very excited to get these in the shop.

We've also got the Burgundy barrel aged version of Sour Power, a mixed fermentation farmhouse red, jammed full of juicy cherries and tart red currants. This one is a collaboration with Arizona Wilderness and Mikkeller.

Beavertown Bloody Notorious
We all loved this so much when Beavertown and Boneyard brewed this as a special release earlier this year that they've released it again. This is the lovechild of thier Bloody 'Ell recipe and Boneyards The Notorious TIPA (yes, that does stand for Triple IPA). It's everything you want it to be.

Beavertown Lupuloid
This is a new CORE beer from Beavertown, expect to see lots of Lupuloid IPA about. This is a straight up 6.7% IPA brewed after ten of the test "Invasion of the Lupuloids" batches. These pinks cans are delicious and we can't wait to see it fly off the shelves.

BBNO 01|22
Saison, Lemon & Hibiscus. 

BBNO 05|18
IPA, Galaxy & Nelson.

BBNO 10|06, Coffee Porter, Kamwangi AB
A collaboration with Workshop coffee using Kenyan Origin Coffee SL28 & SL34. 

BBNO 20|03
Belgian Pale, Crystal & Tettnang.

Cidre Le Brun Artisanal Brût
A traditional and award winning French cidre, available in corked 375ml bottles.

Burning Sky Gaston
A 6% Belgian style pale ale from Sussex ticks all the boxes for us at the moment, balanced and full of flavour.

Captain Lawrence Hop Commander IPA
A well balanced IPA at 6.5% and hopped with Columbus, Centennial, Citra and Bravo.

Captain Lawrence Grapefruit Effortless Session IPA
Dry-hopped for mouthwatering aroma with Mosaic and Palisade hops, and infused with natural grapefruit flavour to add to the refreshment. The grapefruit isn't too overpowering in this beer making it easy to drink quite a few of them.

Harbour Little Rock IPA
This session IPA has some amazing fruit aromas of pineapple and mango with a sweet malty backbone that makes it rather smashable.

Elusive Plan B
A sessionable Belgian Pale Ale with German and Australian hops, but with a Belgian yeast to give it a bit more fruitiness. 

Redchurch Lemon & Sage Saison
Fresh Lemons were zested and juiced to be put into this beer, hopefully the first of more specials coming out of the old brewery as the new one starts up production.

Lervig Passion Tang
This is a sour beer made with Passion fruit and ‘grains of paradise’ (a spice, google it). It is a brew with a soft malt base a lovely dry tang on the tongue and then a myriad different flavours from the spice and fruit that has been added.

Stone & Wood Garden Ale
New in, having made the journey from the other side of the planet, this beer is light, clean, zesty and fruity. And at 3.8%, won't interfere with your day too much. I'm drinking one right now...

Wiper & True Kaleidoscope
This iteration of Kaleidoscope has some bit hop hitters, Mosaic, Citra and Simcoe. The perfect hops for a great pale ale.

Wiper & True Milkshake
A milk stout brewed with sugar from cows milk give this beer a sweet and creamy tone. These guys use plenty of chocolate malts and lace them with vanilla to create milkshake rich dark beer.

Wylam Pieces of What
A west coast style IPA, this kicks in at 7.5% and is a great example of the hop forward style.

Wylam Remain in Light
This is an superstacked alpha pale ale that packs a hoppy bitter punch above it's ABV weight.



High Altitude

This is a range of blended wines that Argentinian vineyard Escorihuela Gascon produce.

The white is a Torrontes - Chardonnay blend, which is fully of fruity aromas with a fresh finish. Would go well with cheese or a creamy pasta dish.

The red is a Malbec - Syrah blend, a lovely smooth full wine with lots of spicy plum fruit and soft tannins providing the structure. 
Would go great with an Argentinian steak, or maybe a late summer BBQ.