Caps and Taps visit the Great American Beer Festival

Steph and Phill found themselves in Denver last week, and by a complete coincidence it was the Great American Beer Festival (GABF). This beer festival is just huge - we went five years ago and we just knew we had to take advantage of this timing and go again. 

We could talk about nearly all the beers we managed to try but here's a top five instead. We had loads of great pales and fresh IPAs, but the stouts seemed to really stand out to us this time...

WeldWerks Brewing Co, Coffee Maple Achromatic. Imperial Stout
Whilst most people were going for the excellent IPAs from WeldWerks Steph was drawn to their stout. This was a massive beer, full of chocolate malts, maple syrup and a tonne of coffee which worked together well, although the coffee still managed to really shine through.

New Belgium Brewing Co, Oscar Aged In Blackberry Whiskey Barrels
This is a dark sour ale aged in blackberry-flavoured whiskey barrels. However that description doesn’t really cover how amazing this beer is. This starts off as a 100% Foeder aged beer which is then aged in the barrels from Leopold Bros Distillery in Denver. It is nuanced, delicate and balanced, and the flavours were just incredible.

Left Hand, Wake Up Dead. Imperial Stout
This is a beer we've been lucky enough to sell in the shop before, but it was still a treat to try it at the festival. This beer hits you with massive flavours of dark chocolate, raisins and liquorice. Unfortunately it's not available again in the UK for a while, but we are due some Milk Stout Nitro next week and are having a party on 1st November. Come on down!

Green Cheek Beer Company, Clichazé. IPA
We were excited to be able to try these guys again after getting some sweet tastes in at Beavertown Extravaganza last month. This New England IPA was super juicy and smooth. It was also, unsurprisingly, hazy af.

Kane Brewing, Sunday Brunch. Imperial Stout
Steph hates cinnamon and yet somehow this beer was one of her favourites of the festival. The dreaded cinnamon along with coffee and maple syrup to make a thick, rich beer that would be welcome at brunch any day of the week.

Honourable Mentions
Melvin 2x4 DIPA, Black Project Dreamland Sour, Cellar Maker Double Dobis DIPA

We managed to fail to take any photos whilst at GABF apart from this one...