13th December - Anspach & Hobday Experimentals

Anspach & Hobday Experimentals

All 750ml, The White Coffee Milk Porter 7.5%, The IPSaison 7%, The Brother Sean 8.6%, The Double IPA 8.5%


The Experimentals are what they say - experimental. These four beers are all a bit different from the A&H core range and tend to be bigger on ABV too. The Double IPA is a great big boozy affair which isn't too sweet and with lots of tropical fruit flavours. The IPSaison is a hybrid of an IPA and a Saison with a herbal saison smell but a fresh and hoppy finish. The guys shared a Brother Sean with us at the MTB we held back in October and we loved it. It's a Belgian stout that has been in the bottle for over a year. Expect chocolate and dark fruits. The White Coffee Milk Stout is a golden colour and has some great coffee notes on the nose and tongue. Close your eyes and believe this is a stout!


Usually £9, £8.10 today.