2nd December - Alesmith Olde Ale 2014

Every day in the run up to Christmas we are highlighting one of our larger bottles, the sharers, the bombers, the big ones! Great beers to share with friends or to give/receive as a gift! The beer will also be 10% off on the day!

Alesmith Olde Ale
750ml 11%
British-Style Ale

This was originally brewed as part of Alesmith's Decadence series - every year since their tenth anniversary Alesmith have commemorated their birthday with a special ale. In this case they liked it so much, they made it a regular. 

Old Ales were traditionally mixed with Mild beers for flavour, rather like Geuezes. However, this beer requires no mixing. It's malty, with notes of dried fruits and brown sugar, finished off with a little hop bitterness. This Christmassy beer would be great for sipping over the holidays this year, but would also make a great gift for cellaring - it can be aged for upwards of twenty years.

£18 in the shop, so £16.20 with today's discount.