8th December - Brooklyn Local 1 & 2

Every day in the run up to Christmas we are highlighting one of our larger bottles, the sharers, the bombers, the big ones! Great beers to share with friends or to give/receive as a gift! The beer will also be 10% off on the day!

Brooklyn Local 1 & 2
Both 750ml, 9%
Strong Belgian Ales

These beers are both 100% bottle re-fermented with champagne yeast. Whereas bottle-conditioning takes beer that is already carbonated and adds yeast and sugar to finish of the process, these completely re-fermented beers are flat when they go in the bottle, so all of the fizz is from the champagne yeast.

Local 1 is a Strong Golden Ale made with German hops and malt, and raw sugar from Mauritius. This straw-coloured beer, smells fruity, with hints of Belgian spiciness. Would go well with seafood or pasta. Or even better, seafood pasta!

Local 2 is a Dark Abbey Ale, which has had New York wildflower honey and orange peel added, which gives spice to the caramel flavours. This is a great flavourful dark beer that would pair well with rich meats such as duck and pork as well as dark chocolate and cheese.

Both are usually £12, so £10.80 today.