6th December - Home Brew Depot Brewing Kits

Every day in the run up to Christmas we are highlighting one of our larger bottles, the sharers, the bombers, the big ones! Great beers to share with friends or to give/receive as a gift! The beer will also be 10% off on the day!

Home Brew Depot Micro Batch Brewing Kits

Breaking from bottles to something else, these kits provide a great introduction to craft brewing. They contain clear instructions, all the specialist equipment, and good quality ingredients. This is a whole grain kit, instead of a can of syrup you get in other kits. It makes just over 12 330ml bottles, which means you can brew your own beer without taking over your entire flat. We also sell refills if you would like to brew a different recipe afterwards.

Simon from Home Brew Depot will be doing a live brew here in the shop with Simon from One Mile End on Tuesday, so pop in with any questions. Alternatively the kits are 10% off today, making them £35.10, instead of £39.