10th December - Upright

Upright Saisons

All 750ml, Four 4.5%, Five 5.5%, Six 6.7%, Seven 8%

Upright Brewing has been making French and Belgian inspired beers in Oregon since 2009. These saisons are fermented in open tanks and use all Oregon hops and a saison yeast. Their names refer to the starting gravity in Belgian brewing degrees, which is how Belgian beer makers used to label their beers back in the day. This is why we start at Four...

There's a fair amount of wheat in the grist, as well as some sour mash, which makes this beer tart and light.

This is a good farmhouse ale, great flavour from earthy hops and a slightly malty body but achieves a nice dry finish.

This is my favourite of the four. It's dark rye with a load of malts and really interesting flavours, think wood, cherry and tropical fruits.

The strongest and hoppiest of the beers, this has an aroma of peaches and apricots with a slight Belgian spice on the tongue.