Leckhampton Hill 5.8% (375ml)

Most of our mixed fermentation beers have a similar base beer, which we are calling Simple Wheat Thing. It has pilsner malt, flaked wheat and wheat malt, to create a simple beer, which has low bitterness from moderate hopping. It was fermented with our house yeast, as well as a range of other yeast and bacteria to create soft fruit aromas and gentle acidity. It was conditioned in oak barrels for 6-9 months, and different barrels blended to refine the balance. The fermentation character is evolving, but is not too dominant in the beers this year. This creates a restrained base beer for the Elderflower to shine. We collected Elderflower local to the brewery, created a syrup, and added it to the beer at bottling. It was bottled in July 2020, and has spent the subsequent months conditioning, allowing the flavours to come together.