Fracture Motueka IPA 6% (440ml)

Fracture | IPA w/ Motueka | 6% Citra, Motueka…..Motueka, Citra. Two hops we adore using at Track, and for good reason. Citra from the US has been the world’s top harvested hop for 6 years running and has become a staple of modern craft beers - Hazy IPA especially, with flavours of over-ripe Mango, Grapefruit and lots of citrus. Motueka is grown on a whole different continent to Citra - hailing from New Zealand, and has massively grown in popularity over the past few years. It adds a unique brightness to beers, and has qualities associated with freshly squeezed Lime and Lemon, and also some subtle herbal qualities. Drink these beers side by side, and enjoy the nuances each hop brings to the table. Go ahead and blend them too if you’d like - after all, we love beer and it’s supposed to be fun!