5 Celebration Beers to Replace Fizz this NYE

5 Celebration Beers to Replace Fizz this NYE

Dec 30, 2021Phill Palgrave-Elliott

5 Celebration Beers to Replace Fizz this NYE

Boon Apogee
Apogee means the highest point in development of something, which is a pretty big claim, but this is, after all, Frank Boon's retirement blend. As a symbol of passing on the torch, this beer is made of a blend of two-year aged lambic from a brand new oak foeder and the-year aged lambic from their very oldest foeder. The result is a delicate but full flavoured gueuze with hints of green apple and customary "horseblanket"! Cage and cork for traditional midnight popping.

Burning Sky Coolship
Coolship, which refers to the broad, open-top vessel that the wort cools and spontaneously ferments in, is a blend of beers that are then further fermented and aged in barrels. You can only brew with these vessels for certain months of the year when it's cool enough out. This is the fourth year Burning Sky have released a Coolship blend (each release contains a blend with previous year releases). 

 It's oaky, orangey, funky with a nice acidity to it. 

Dupont Avec Les Bons Voeux
This isn't the first time we've put this on a list like this and it won't be the last. It's a beer brewed for celebration. Originally released as an end of year gift for Dupont's most faithful customers, they eventually started selling it to the rest of us and we're very glad they did. It's a Belgian blonde ale with notes of citrus, cloves and floral hops.


Gigantic Rum Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
Perhaps you like something a little less ephemeral than a pop and fizz to ring in the new year. In that case this 12% Russian Imperial Stout will be a substantial addition to your glass. True to the style, it's sweet, malty, chocolately, almost chewy. While this beer comes in different varieties depending on what barrels it was aged in (Rye, Scotch, Port), we're a Rum household so have picked this version, which lends rich molasses and vanilla to the overall taste.


Donzoko Tied Vines
This one almost feels like cheating. An English grape saison fermented with lees from natural wine and aged for 13 months, before ageing further on pressed Bacchus grape skins from Hampshire. A spritzy beer/wine hybrid, with fresh fruit acidity, a pleasant minerality and a full juicy grape flavour. Limited run of 1,500 bottles too. A staff favourite at a recent tasting.

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