Beer of the Week 19/2/19 - Magic Rock Dancing Bier

Beer of the Week 19/2/19 - Magic Rock Dancing Bier

Feb 19, 2019Steph Palgrave-Elliott

One of the best and worst things about riding the craft beer wave is the incessant need to drink the newest, most exciting brews. It's a pleasure to see breweries flexing their expertise and treating us to treasures like Burning Sky's Saison De Pêche or Gipsy Hill's Zazel but sometimes at the end of a long day you just want to grab a refreshing and unchallenging beer.

That's where Dancing Bier comes in. First brewed by Magic Rock in 2013 under the name Dancing Bear, the beer has been taken down from 6.2% ABV to a much more sessionable 4.5%, as well as getting a name change and label redesign. Unchallenging shouldn't be confused for simple, this Bavarian Pils has the characteristic soft malt body along with all German hops giving it an earthy, herbal hit. The carbonation is perfect, leaving a delightfully prickly sensation on the tongue. The dry, slightly bitter finish leaves you thirsty for more! 

I recently hosted a poker night at my place, and while there were certainly some special beers to share, I made sure to have some six packs of Dancing Bier in the fridge. It's a great foundational beer; a classic style, well brewed, and affordable - great for a palate refresh or when you just want a damned good lager at the end of a long day.

Rahul Shah

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