Beer of the Week 5/2/19 - Brick Winter Berry Sour

Beer of the Week 5/2/19 - Brick Winter Berry Sour

Feb 07, 2019Poppy Simon

We're starting a new blog series this year (yes we know it's February already...) - beer of the week! We'll each take it in turns to write a little bit about our favourite beer every Tuesday. First up, Poppy is recommending Brick's Winter Berry Sour here in case it reaches anyone she hasn't already told in the shop.

Brick Winter Berry Sour

I'm very much in a sour phase at the moment, but this Brick Brewery Winter Berry Sour really stood out from the pack for me. Although it's got the typical refreshing tartness of a Brick sour, there's even more to it. Sour cherries, elderberries, blackcurrants and blackberries were added post-fermentation, so it's all lovely dark/forest fruit flavours, but it's also got a hefty ABV, coming in at 7.2% which gives it more body, and it has more complexity thanks to oak and cherry wood. It is very vinous and rich, but the sourness cuts through perfectly to make this very, very drinkable (perhaps more than it should be at 7.2%!). I have more than a few cans stashed away at home to get me through these colder months.

This definitely seems more than a worthy release for a 5th birthday, but as if it wasn't enough they've also put some in barrel (muscat, port and bourbon) to be released in future... I for one will be keeping an ear out for when and where they're available!

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