Beer Of The Week 21/05/19 - Burnt Mill Nelson Fog

Beer Of The Week 21/05/19 - Burnt Mill Nelson Fog

May 21, 2019Phill Palgrave-Elliott

"Foggy's not just anyone alright, [it]'s a kick-ass [IPA] and sooner or later we're going to need one of those, and [it] just plain kicks ass." - Karen Page (Daredevil, 2015)

Burnt Mill's Nelson Fog is a kick-ass IPA. Don't take my word for it, listen to a slightly paraphrased Karen off of Daredevil.

Made as part of Burnt Mill's Fog series, a bunch of single hop beers fermented with London Fog yeast. This time, using Nelson Sauvin Burnt Mill have brewed a beer which erupts with flavour - sweet, tangy nectarines and a strong vanilla scent immediately hits the nose upon opening a can. The citrussy flavours combine incredibly well with a slightly piney twist, leaving you with a satisfied grin.

With a vibrant orange colour in the glass, this beer just screams summer to me. Pairs well with a sunny garden and a deck chair, and if you don't have the necessary location it'll make you feel like you do.

- Rahul 

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