Beer of the Week: Track Heavy Rotation IPA

Beer of the Week: Track Heavy Rotation IPA

Jun 02, 2021Shop Staff

Track Brewery Heavy Rotation IPA poured into a Caps and Taps glass on a garden table. The beer is an opaque orangey-yellow

We’re celebrating the arrival of summersince apparently we’ve just skipped spring completelywith a super tropical hazy IPA this week!

I could tell you that I had Track's Heavy Rotation after a spot of gardening on the first warm day of the year and it was absolutely the perfect reward, but to be honest I think the better recommendation comes from my partner who had one sip and said “we have to visit Track this weekend!” Unfortunately for him, Track don't have a taproom at the moment, but luckily for everyone else, we've got a pretty great selection of Track in the shop/online at the moment.

The beer is thick and juicy, hitting you with a big tropical oomph straight away, with flavours of soft mango and papaya carrying through. Not overly sweet though, there’s a good hit of pithy orange too and a little dankness even, making it very drinkable for such a fruity beer, even in the heat (the real test for a hazy IPA I think).

It’s pretty spot on for 6.5%, it might have been able to handle even more alcohol but as it is you get a really satisfying IPA without a bonkers ABV, which I’m all in favour of. 

Poppy Simon

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