Beer of the Week: Verdant Fruit Car Sight Exhibition

Beer of the Week: Verdant Fruit Car Sight Exhibition

Mar 18, 2021Poppy Simon

Verdant's Fruit Car Sight Exhibition barely needs an introduction but just in case, here's one anyway: a single-hop Citra DIPA first brewed for Hop City 2018 now rereleased occasionally to much excitement.

Verdant Brewing Fruit Car Sight Exhibition single-hop Citra DIPA in a Caps and Taps glass. The beer is a very hazy orange colour.

Apologies for the rather on-the-nose photo but we're packing to move and apparently we haven't reached model cars on the things-to-pack list yet, just everything else. Further apologies also for the fact that the photo doesn't really do it justice, it's actually so hazy it's thick and an almost creamy-looking yellowy-orange. In short, it looks really very tempting.

On first pour, this was quite green, with aromas of grass and pine, which is not necessarily what you'd expect from single-hop Citra given it was brewed in February, so it's not just super fresh greenness. After this though, you get really smacked in the face (in a good way) with your typical Citra notes of citrus and tropical fruits. On the nose, there's mango, lemon sherbet and grapefruit, with more grapefruit pithiness when you drink it accompanied by lime and super lush passionfruit and more mango. 

As I hinted at in the description, it's super hazy and you really get this thickness when you drink it, it's almost chewy. FSCE is alarmingly easy to drink for an 8% beer, however, despite this thickness—it feels satisfying for sure but there's no heat from alcohol at all. This beer may have been originally brewed 3 years ago now but I think it absolutely stands up to the best DIPAs coming out now and I will certainly continue to look out for it. Hail Citra!

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