Drinks for the Heath (or how Summer has once again arrived for North London)

Drinks for the Heath (or how Summer has once again arrived for North London)

Jul 30, 2020Phill Palgrave-Elliott

A 33 degree Friday has us considering what we should be drinking as we walk up Hampstead Heath.

The first thought is for the obvious, Lager! We love Bristol's Lost & Grounded and their Keller Pils is delicious but in this heat you might want to think of the lighter bodied All The Cool Cats, this Helles is smooth and gently hopped. Perfect after a quick dip in the ponds

We shouted a lot about Donzoko recently, with the release of Indie Graft. We didn't shout enough about their other lagers. Northern Helles is another modern classic, but let's talk about Garden Bier, coming in at a sessionable 3.8% and hopped with English varities Challenger and First Gold, the perfect lager to enjoy in North London's Garden (Hampstead Heath obvs).

 If you have the strength to carry glass bottles up Parliament Hill, then look at our German range. Augustiner or Tegernseer Helles, the ultimate question. Both lauded breweries, Phill had always had a soft spot for Augustiner but Tegz is the King in Steph's eyes. But really whichever is in your hand you're always the winner. If you want something a little different we have Schlenkerla Hansla, a 1.2% smoked lager that will put you in the mood for a BBQ.

We've got a great selection of lagers on top of the above at the moment from breweries such as Kernel, Wylam, Verdant, & Braybrooke.

Sweetness and light, Fruh Radler is what you need, or maybe the Grapefruit Schofferhoffer. Track have entered the Radler market recently with Espuna, a collaboration with Manchester Steep Soda Co.

But what if you're not swimming? What if you're taking your model boat out for a spin? In charge of a motor and Table Beer almost seems like too much of an obvious choice. We've been enjoying Burning Sky's Tail Spin Table Beer. Also Beak Lulla is a brilliant 3.5% New England style pale ale fermented with London Fog and dry hopped with Citra & Simcoe.

Moving away from the usual, lets thing Belgian & Belge inspired. It's always the season for Saison, go classic with Dupont or try the 3.5% barrel aged Petite Saison from Burning Sky. Don't lose your Wits, Duration & St Bernardus 

Continue the Belgian theme by grabbing some Patersbier, the sessionable pales were first brewed at trappist breweries as the day drinks for the working Monks (you can't always be on the Tripels). Think Table Beers but in an Abbey style. We also have a UK brewed version by Anspach & Hobday, expect it to be soft and fruity.

So go forth and have a lovely time on Hampstead Heath, just please take your litter home.

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