New Website & Online Shop.

New Website & Online Shop.

Jul 24, 2018Phill Palgrave-Elliott

How exciting is this? 

A brand new website for all your beery needs. We've had to lose the old blog but it wasn't the most exciting, hopefully we will update this one a bit more frequently now.

As you will see this website incorporates our online shop a little better, making it easier to find what you are looking for. You can also see your order history and the checkout should be easier/quicker.

Collection is free from our Kentish Town store and we post out beer for ideally next day delivery on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays. (We don't send out beer on a Friday so it can spend a weekend sat in a warm warehouse, it's better off in our fridges)

Delivery costs us £11.99, Orders under £25 cost £11.99, over £25 and we subsidise it to £7.99. Orders over £120 we absorb the whole cost so free delivery!

As a reminder, this shop is a reflection of our physical store so occasionally there will be a few errors. We are unfortunately human.

Many thanks to Mike Warwick for all his work on this, give him a follow at @WelshMike and if you ever need help with an online store we fully recommend him. Actually lets leave it a few weeks and see if this all goes to shit or not first.


Phill & Steph

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