Wine of the Week: Defy White Wine

Wine of the Week: Defy White Wine

Dec 12, 2021Shop Staff

A can of Defy White Wine next to the wine poured in a Caps and Taps glass on a wooden table outdoors. The wine is a clear light yellow

A very exciting booze of the week today with our first wine in a can! Predicted by many (especially me) to be the next big thing in wine, canned wine has come so far in the past couple of years and good producers are finally starting to take it seriously. As well as being a heap more transportable on an individual level, there are serious environmental benefits in terms of it being smaller and lighter to ship than glass bottles, and easier to chill.

Defy White Wine is an organic and vegan white wine made with 100% Pecorino grapes from the Abruzzo. Defy want wine to be about just simple enjoyment without the fancy tasting notes (they describe it only as tart) but I'm afraid I didn't see that until after I'd written my own. Soft and peachy on the nose, it is indeed gently tart when you drink it, medium-dry overall with hints of lemon, sharp apple and a bit of gooseberry—think Pinot Grigio or maybe a Sauvignon Blanc.

It's very easy to drink, and the tartness level is perfect, keeping it still really drinkable even if it warms up a little bit (the one occasional downside of cans). Plus 250ml is the size of a large glass of wine, so it's the perfect serving if you don't want to open a bottle of wine at home or if you want to pop in for just one drink at our new site, 141 Fortess Road, Tufnell Park

Poppy Simon

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