Bottle Logic

x Weathered Souls Scatter Signal BA Stout 12.3% (500ml)

Imperial mocha marshmallow stout is a blend of liquid aged from 12 to 24 months in a medley of our favorite bourbon barrels. It was conditioned on the 'Southern Weather' and 'Monarch' blends of coffee beans roasted by our brothers in arms at @onyxcoffeelabs for a complex foundation of chocolate brownie and burnt sugar undertones. ⁣Cacao nibs bolster the chocolate front -- a blend of Guatemalan and Filipino nibs were chosen specifically for the nutty, hot-chocolate-like flavors they impart. Marshmallows were our finishing touch; added in abundance for their softly sweet aroma, for a bounce of viscosity, and for the outright joy of it. In the absence of joy, there is nothing worth fighting for. ⁣