Crossover Blendery

Tumult 8% (750ml)


tumult - spontaneously fermented pale wheat beer, matured in neutral french oak, and finished in freshly emptied rum barrels.


Process: Pale wheat beer spontaneously fermented and aged for 11 months in neutral french oak barrels. The beer was then moved into freshly emptied rum barrels from Plantation Rum Distillery. It remained there for a further 6 months before blending and packaging.

Conditioning: Packaged with a small amount of priming sugar for natural carbonation in the bottle. We do not add yeast at this point, or at any point in the process. Bottles laid to rest on side and conditioned until release.

Notes: Bold in both aroma and flavour. Notes of coconut, pineapple and vanilla on the nose, with further spices, lime and caramel on the palette. Medium/low acidity, creamy mouthfeel and long finish. Reassuringly dry.

Ingredients: Malted barley (pilsner), malted wheat, raw wheat, aged hops (whole leaf fuggles & whole leaf strisselspalt), water.