Crossover Blendery

Skimming Stone 6% (750ml)


Pale Wheat Beer with Plums. Process: Pale wheat beer spontaneously fermented and aged for 8 months in a single 400 litre French oak barrel. The beer was moved onto de-stoned Pond's Seedling plums in tank. It was punched down daily until refermentation had calmed. The beer was on fruit for 2 months. We then blended back with another barrel containing our base wheat beer before packaging. The plums were purchased from Cam Valley Orchard which is situated very close to the Blendery. Conditioning: Conditioned with small amount of priming sugar for natural carbonation in the bottle. Bottles laid to rest on their side. We condition our bottles for a minimum of 3 months. No yeast is added at this point, or at any point during the process. Notes: Hazy golden pink. Plum and peach on the nose. Further stone fruits on the palate, with earthy, vinous finish. Bright acidity and wholesome carbonation. Refreshing and spritely. Ingredients: Malted barley (pilsner), malted wheat, raw wheat, fuggles (whole leaf, 2014), strisselspalt (whole leaf, 2015), pond's seedling plums, water.