4 Alcohol-Free Beers to Try this Dry January

4 Alcohol-Free Beers to Try this Dry January

Jan 12, 2022Steph Palgrave-Elliott
Kaiserdom Pink Grapefruit
I’m a big, big fan of Schofferhoffer Grapefuit when the sun is shining, but this is great for when even the Schoff’s 2.5% is too much. The wheat beer base gives this plenty of body, while the grapefruit gives you a nice sugar hit, but finishes off dry enough to make you want another sip.

Lervig No Worries Pineapple
I find soft drinks go down too fast and leave me feeling very full, so even though this is quite sweet like a softie, it has a bit of hop bitterness and body, which makes me take my time over it. This comes in lemon and grapefruit varieties too, but not enough drinks come pineapple-flavoured! Quite easy to spend an afternoon drinking this.

Rothaus Pils
If that’s all a bit fruit infused for you, can I recommend the Rothous Alkoholfrei. I LOVE their alcoholic pils and this really is a flawless replacement. You don’t get any of the weird bitter flavours you sometimes get in alcohol free stuff, just a clean, malty, slightly floral beer. Great to drink over Dry January and beyond.

Lervig Driving Home for Christmas
So, yeah, this is a “Christmas” beer, but actually it’s still cold, so I still appreciate the slightly spiced and roasty notes of this stout. There’s a nice bit of body to it and you won’t find these sorts of flavours in a soft drink. Great for drinking by the fire if you don’t fancy a hot chocolate.

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