Beer of the Week 23/4/19 - Hackney Millions of Peaches

Beer of the Week 23/4/19 - Hackney Millions of Peaches

Apr 23, 2019Poppy Simon

Hackney Millions of Peaches peach and basil sour beer

Yep, it's summer sour time (I know it's April but the Bank Holiday weekend was full-on summer let's be honest.) While we've been really pleased with the variety of styles we've had coming in at the moment (in that it hasn't just been sours), sometimes you do just really need a sour, and this week's beer of the week really hits the spot.

Hackney's Millions of Peaches peach & basil sour was one of the shop's top beers last summer, and I for one plan to be drinking it all this summer too. When I cracked open my first can, it smelled so strongly of peaches I worried it might be too sweet (if I'm drinking a sour, I want it sour), but it isn't at all, thanks to the basil. If you're thinking basil sounds a bit odd, trust me it isn't at all. It cuts through any potential sweetness and gives just a hint of savouriness (kinda like strawberry & mint) to make this crazy refreshing, and just the right amount of tart.

Pour it into a glass if you want to get all the aromas, or drink it straight from the can sitting in the park (no prizes for guessing which one I'll be doing).

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