Beer of the Week 30/4/19 - Hammerton Crunch

Beer of the Week 30/4/19 - Hammerton Crunch

Apr 30, 2019Poppy Simon

Peanut butter biscuit accompaniment highly recommended if not strictly necessary.

Hammerton Crunch has become a core beer for us, so we thought it was about time to write about it! It's a peanut butter milk stout, and the most common question we get asked about it is "does it actually taste like peanut butter?", to which the answer is a resounding yes! Not in an overpowering or overly sweet way, but there's certainly no mistaking the inspiration behind this beer.  

It smells wonderfully toasty when you crack the can, more like roast peanuts than peanut butter maybe, but when you taste it you really get the peanut butter. As I said, it's not too sweet but it is so creamy, thanks to very generous quantities of lactose.* I had made peanut butter biscuits the day I tried this, and it really was a brilliant pairing. There's obviously a risk of overdoing it with a match like that, but it actually really worked, with neither coming across too sweet, and keeping both super peanutty. Alternatively, just have a can of Crunch if you want a peanut butter biscuit without the effort!

*A word of warning to the fellow lactose-intolerant, they're not messing about with this. You will need many, many lactase pills if you want to tackle much of it!

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