Beer of the Week 26/3/19 - Signature Brew Jam Sour

Beer of the Week 26/3/19 - Signature Brew Jam Sour

Mar 28, 2019Poppy Simon

The weather's starting to warm up and for me that means one* thing, it's sour beer season. There's nothing better than a mouth-twisting, thirst-quenching sour when the sun's out.

Signature Brew Jam Sour

Signature Brew's Jam Sour has been a lovely discovery this month. The East London brewery's music-focused beers have always been interesting but this is my favourite of their offerings. Jam-packed with raspberries, this fruited sour is perfectly named. You get an immediate berry hit, but it doesn't cling too much to the tongue. It's fruity without being sweet; a delightful dry sensation that leaves you wanting more. And at 4%, it's perfect for a jam session.

*OK two things, sour beer season and rooftop bars being viable again.

Rahul Shah

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