Beer of the Week: Abbeydale Independence Pale Ale

Beer of the Week: Abbeydale Independence Pale Ale

Aug 12, 2021Shop Staff

Abbeydale Independence pale ale poured into a Caps and Taps tulip glass. The beer is a hazy golden orange.

It may not be Indie Beer Shop Day any more but Abbeydale's Independence is a great pale ale any day. Sheffield's Abbeydale Brewery was founded in 1996 and as well as an incredible traditional cask range, in the past few years they have moved into craft beer with great hoppy stuff as well as a mixed fermentation side project.

Abbeydale Independence is one of three official collaborations brewed for Indie Beer Shop Day UK 2021, which took place on 17th July. It is a day to support independent beer shops like us as well as the independent breweries that of course support us!

Abbeydale is best known for hoppy, sessionable beers and this beer is absolutely true to form. A 4% pale ale dry-hopped with Idaho-7, it has tropical notes of papaya and passionfruit backed up with piney earthiness. Full-flavoured and with great body, you could easily think it was more than its 4%, but the perfect level of carbonation and a bitter finish keep it super refreshing.

Poppy Simon

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