Beer of the Week: Polly's Extra Scene IPA

Beer of the Week: Polly's Extra Scene IPA

Aug 20, 2021Shop Staff

Polly's Brew Co Extra Scene IPA in a Caps and Taps glass on a windowsill. The beer is a vibrant hazy orange with an inch of white foamy head.

It sometimes feels almost impossible to keep up with Polly's releases, but what always reassures me is knowing that whichever one I pick up, it's going to be good. They're one of the most reliable big hop hitters, and this week's Beer of the Week is absolutely typical Polly's - super hazy, super juicy and super hoppy but so, so drinkable.

In Extra Scene, Polly's have returned to their favourite hops, Citra and Mosaic, with an additional boost from Idaho-7. The hop flavours are majority stone fruit, basically peaches and cream, but there's tropical mango and ripe, jammy pineapple too as well as classic notes of marmalade from the Idaho-7. It might be rich and thick, but it's not cloying at all with the sweetness completely balanced out by quite an assertive bitterness—pithy rather than resinous to keep it nice and fruity.

While I'm sure it would be nice in the sun, in the sense that it would be lovely to drink anything in the sun right now, this feels particularly welcome in current circumstances. It feels a little summery being so tropical, but it's also kind of comforting in its stickiness, which is perfect for spending more and more of our evenings inside.

Poppy Simon

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