Beer of the Week: Queer Brewing Flowers Witbier

Beer of the Week: Queer Brewing Flowers Witbier

Aug 26, 2021Shop Staff

Queer Brewing Flowers Witbier in a Caps and Taps glass on a stone wall in a field. The beer is a hazy amber colour with a fluffy white head

Queer Brewing Flowers made me remember just how much I like a witbier. Without getting too philosophical, I think that what makes witbier so good, qualities like its lightness and its subtlety, can also be what make it easier for me to forget quite how much I like it. It's not something I often think of buying, maybe bar whenever I can get my hands on Allagash White, but having taken this can along on an evening walk, I can't think of another beer that would have been more appropriate. Although that's not to say I think you need to take it on a countryside walk to enjoy it, of course.

As I mentioned above, it's quite subtle, but that's not to say it's simple. Gently effervescent, it's light and almost fluffy but with some oomph of classic wit flavours. As the name might just suggest, it is indeed floral, but also herbal and spicy from coriander seed, with refreshing zesty orange and a little bit of pithiness. Queer Brewing themselves describe it as a modern twist on a classic beer, and I think that's fair, it's got a little more bite than a standard wit, and just a little bit more of everything really—spice, zest and pith.

While I think in general it's a real shame that more craft brewers don't make witbiers, it's their loss really, since this one ticks all the boxes. I know I for one will be seeking it out again and again.

Poppy Simon

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