A Little Low Alcohol Update

A Little Low Alcohol Update

Jan 07, 2021Poppy Simon

This January might be a little different from most but it still seems like a good time to have a look at our low alcohol section for anyone thinking of switching things up a little at the start of the new year. We have possibly our biggest selection ever right now so there's a little something for everyone, and low alcohol beer is just getting better and better!

Alcohol-free and low alcohol craft beers from Caps and Taps

A little note on low alcohol vs. alcohol-free: in the UK, beer is only allowed to be classified as no alcohol if it contains no more than 0.05% alcohol, so when we say low alcohol it can be anywhere upwards from 0.06% ie. really very low! (NB. In Europe and the US, they can be called alcohol-free under 0.5%). In terms of labelling, breweries tend to stick to the closest 0.5%, but as soon as it has any alcohol (even if it is eg. just 0.06% they have to call it 0.5% rather than 0%, so again just because it says 0.5% doesn't mean it is that much... simple right? 

Alcohol-free lager beers from Caps and Taps

We have quite a few lager options, from the absolutely classic crisp German Rothaus Alkoholfrei Pils to the slightly richer, more helles-style Lucky Saint, which are both unfiltered. We also have a helles-style lager from London-based alcohol-free brewery Nirvana which has been flying off the shelves!

Alcohol-free pale ale beers at Caps and Taps

Nirvana also make a lovely hoppy pale ale with Mosaic, or try Lervig's No Worries, which is lightly hopped to make it extra refreshing, and has pineapple and grapefruit versions too! A very exciting new addition to our selection is the Northern Monk Super Stredge IPA, a low alcohol version of the classic Striding Edge with all the same mouthfeel and tropical fruit flavours.

Alcohol-free stout and sour beers from Caps and Taps

If you're after something a little more interesting, we also have a citrussy sour pale ale from Tempest, and a rich, chocolatey stout from Nirvana.

Let us know which are your favourites, and if you try any great ones that we haven't got in stock!

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