Fremont Brewing

Founded in 2009, Seattle-based Fremont Brewing make use of Washington state’s amazing conditions for making amazing craft beer: hops come from the nearby Yakima Valley and water from the Cascades. Their beer is quite simply a taste of the Pacific North West, but barrel-aged beer is where their beer really sings. We stock some of their big bottles of imperial stout whenever we can - you’ll struggle to find better beer anywhere. Alas, you won’t struggle in Kentish Town. If our description has whet your appetite for impy stouts - look no further than here to read more about the brewery’s quest to become more sustainable


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Fremont BBADS 2022 14.1% (650ml)
Fremont Brew 6000 11.9% (650ml)
Fremont Brew 7000 13.9% (650ml)