Beer of the Week: Double-Barrelled Parka Pale Ale

Beer of the Week: Double-Barrelled Parka Pale Ale

Feb 11, 2021Poppy Simon

Double-Barrelled Parka Pale Ale poured in a Caps and Taps glass on a shelf surrounded by plants

You probably know that we're good friends with the lovely folk at Double-Barrelled (we brewed our 4th birthday beer with them!) so it's a surprise that we haven't had a beer of the week from them sooner! 

Parka is their core pale that they've brewed ever since they started, albeit with a few tweaks along the way. It's dry-hopped with Citra, which of course gives it plenty of citrus flavours, both lemon and lime. Thanks to the impressive quantity of Citra thrown in though, you really get some of its other flavours as well, with a bit of tropical fruit and some peach and apricot too, and I also find it really pineapple-y.

It's super refreshing, fruity but not sweet, with lovely soft bitterness from Cascade and Centennial. It somehow manages to be light but with great body as well, and at 4.5% is just perfectly chuggable. Great for bringing a little bit of the pub home, or just as a cheeky lunchtime beer if, like me, you need a little midday boost.

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