Beer of the Week: Lervig No Worries Low Alcohol IPA

Beer of the Week: Lervig No Worries Low Alcohol IPA

Feb 18, 2021Poppy Simon

Lervig No Worries alcohol-free pale ale poured into a Caps and Taps glass with a vase of dried flowers behind. The beer is a hazy yellow-orange colour.

Everyone's writing about them in January (including us), but a no-alcohol beer isn't just for Dryanuary, as the saying goes, so we're boldly naming Lervig's No Worries IPA as our Beer of the Week in the middle of February.

I will admit to not having had a ton of low alcohol beers, partly because I haven't been blown away by most of the ones I have had, and partly because a lot of the time I just want a cup of tea. Last week, I recommended Double-Barrelled's Parka pale as a cheeky lunchtime beer if you're up for a 4.5%-er, but what if you're doing something that actually requires a bit of concentration? Enter No Worries.

It has a smidge of bubblegum on the nose, but it's just mostly citrus, especially juicy tangerine. Although they call it an IPA, to me it comes across as more of an APA—it's got quite strong Pale Fire vibes, which is only a positive. Like pretty much all low alcohol beers, it's a tiny bit thin, but it's really well carbonated which goes a long way to helping with this, and after just a few sips I didn't really notice. It's very well-balanced, without either the overwhelming sweetness of some alcohol-free beers or astringency, just pithy orange.

This really hit the spot for an easy-going beer, and I'm very excited to try the pineapple and grapefruit versions of No Worries, which I think will be particularly useful come summer in expanding my favoured hot weather drinks options beyond radlers.

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