Beer of the Week: Mondo x Queer Brewing Project Chosen Family Brown Ale

Beer of the Week: Mondo x Queer Brewing Project Chosen Family Brown Ale

Feb 04, 2021Poppy Simon

Remember that single day it snowed in London? Me neither really anymore but even though the weather has changed, I'm pretty sure this week's beer will taste just as good. 

A glass of Chosen Family American brown ale by Mondo and Queer Brewing. The beer is a dark brown, almost black, with light brown head. The glass and can are on a snowy table in a garden

Chosen Family is an American brown ale brewed by Mondo in collaboration with Queer Brewing and supporting the charity MindOut, an LGBTQ mental health service. If you're not aware of Queer Brewing yet, it's the brewing project of super-talented beer writer, ceramicist, artist and photographer Lily Waite, which is launching its first core range tomorrow! If the collabs are anything to go by, we think their own beers will be pretty good...

As you can see, Chosen Family pours an incredible deep brown, almost stout-like, with a lovely head despite my bad pour, and it straight away released beautiful toasty aromas. It is really comfortingit has the bitterness you'd associate with an American brown ale but softened by a big hug of coffee and dark chocolate with the sweetness of little bit of marmalade-y caramelised orange. It really provides a lot of oomph for a 5ish % brown ale, and I would absolutely recommend it for those times you're feeling something dark but are perhaps not quite up to an impy stout, whether it's raining, snowing or maybe even sunny.

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